Iowa man bites dog to stop attack

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An Iowa man bit a dog to stop it from attacking his wife.

According to a report by WHO, Caren Henry was walking her dog on Sunday, April 29 when a 50 to 60-pound Labrador mix came running toward her. Henry said the dog then attacked her face.

“I had my sunglasses on which I’m glad I did because I think it might have taken my eye as well as my nose,” said Henry. “Then it knocked me down and it went after my dog.”

Caren’s husband, Laine Henry, was driving to pick her up when he saw the situation and tried to help.

“Caren turned and looked at me and I saw her face was nothing but blood,” said Laine. “So I bit the dog literally in the nose and he let go.”

In addition to bites Caren sustained to her thigh and abdomen, she will undergo several reconstructive surgeries for her nose. Laine was bitten in the arm.

“It could have been a lot worse,” Caren said. “He could have gotten my neck, he could have taken my eye.”

Police records show that the dog attacked another dog in Des Moines in 2012.

They Henrys agree that the dog should not have been roaming free, especially with its violent history.

In Dallas County, where the attack took place, there is no law in place for this situation so the Sheriff’s office gave the case to the county’s Environmental Health office.

The director has ordered that the dog be quarantined for 14-days, and pending a clearance from the vet, the dog will be freed and the case will be closed.