Geneseo police remember K-9 colleague

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The Geneseo Police Department held a memorial service Tuesday evening to remember one of its K-9 colleagues.

In February, police dog Bobby died unexpectedly while on patrol. Tuesday, officers shared their memories of the German Shepard.

"Bobby unselfishly would put himself in harm's way to protect any of our officers, and I think that was more than you could ever ask for from the animal," said Chief Tom Piotrowski.

Born in Hungary, Bobby joined the Geneseo department in 2007. While he was highly trained to find drugs and capture suspects, Bobby also had a gentle side.

"He lived with my family. I have three kids, and he spent time with those kids, and they played together, and he was very gentle with them, very patient with them, and so he was a member of our family," said handler Jamison Weisser.

Officers remembered Bobby's connection with schoolkids and his love for tennis balls.

"Bobby was always very playful. Everything we did was a game. Even though I say it was serious -- it required obedience, it required a lot of training -- a lot of what we did was a game," Weisser.

On Friday, February 22, 2013, Bobby suffered from a twisted intestine which required emergency surgery. The procedure, though, was not enough to save Bobby, and he passed away unexpectedly.

"I fully expected the doctor just to come back and say that he was going to have to retire, or he was going to have to take a period of time to heal. I never expected her to say that this was the end," said Weisser.

Tuesday, officers unveiled a new plaque at City Hall in Bobby's honor.