Beyond the Green Screen: I Smell Summer

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I have a love/hate relationship with the wind. I hate when I have to do my hair before I come into work and the wind completely messes up the look I was going for. The windblown look doesn’t work for me on the green screen. On the other hand, I love the wind this time of year because it brings the smoky smells of what the neighbors are grilling right to my nose. I love grilling!

Maybe I should clarify. I love grilled food and I love when people grill for me. I am terrified of using a grill by myself.

Last night I requested that my boyfriend, Derik, grill out so we could enjoy dinner out on the deck. He always lives to enjoy the meal but I envision the fire blowing up in my face at my first attempt. I also requested that he teach me how to use the grill so I wouldn’t be afraid anymore. We will put that off until later though.