Prom Will Take A Toll On Your Wallet

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It’s that time of year again, prom is here.  A new survey shoes that people will be spending more money this year than they did last year. According to a Visa Survey families will spend more money. A little under $15,000 will be spent compared to last year’s $800.

"I think you can be really conscious of it and still get a great dress,” says Katie Watson, bridal manager at Hope’s Bridal in Davenport.

Hope’s Bridal knows prom can cost you an arm and a leg, “When you go out to dinner at fancier restaurants, when you pay for two and then you spend the money on the tuxedos and they always want to get their makeup and their hair and all the accessories, that does add up,” says Watson.

Which is why they try to offer their customer’s a break.

"We do give them up to a credit for jewelry if they make a purchase with us. We try to give them a little bit of savings in different ways,” says Watson.

United Township High School student Katie Johnson is forking out more cash for her senior prom, "I'm really excited, I wanted to make sure I got the perfect dress."

Her perfect dress ended up costing her around $500, but she says it’s worth it in the end, “It's my last year and I want to remember it and I feel like out of all my high school dances I want to make this one stand out.

The survey shows that lower income families will spend more on prom than those with a higher income.