Small Town Looking For More Help After Flood

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A small town is still feeling the impact from flooding after several homes were damaged. London Mills, south of Galesburg is saying it needs more help to get back on its feet.

Jay and Marie Hammond have been through a lot during decades of marriage, "We been through the wind and the fire,” says Marie.

Now the couple has been through water, "London Mills has never had a flood like this before,” says Marie.

"There are 44 homes that have been affected badly and there are three that have been completely destroyed,” says Rev. Kenneth Harris, pastor at First United Methodist Church of London Mills.

Right in the flood’s path was the Hammond’s home, destroying their basement.

"It took out all the paneling, the block walls caved in and we got to have a new foundation,” says Jay.

With the help from a nonprofit group, the American Red Cross and a church, community members like the Hammonds are able to get help.

"When you get to be this age of your life you don't plan on nothing like this. We don't own a mortgage on it, but looks we're going to have to,” says Marie.

 On the curb sits belongings that can be replaced while moments of their lives will have to remain as memories, like family pictures, "You feel like it's a lot of your life that you're looking at and you can't save the pictures,” says Marie.

Rev. Harris says even through dark times comes light, "I think there's going to be many positive things that will come out of this even though at the time it looks very you know severe. I think that people will begin to respect one another and support one another."

The National Guard was supposed to help but because of miscommunications they didn’t show up.