Residents urged to report flood damages

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Residents around the Quad Cities are aimed at tallying up the flood damages, trying to get help.

East Moline is collecting property damage assessments, in hopes of receiving assistance from the government.

In order for the city to get federal aid, there must me more than $509,000 of uninsured damage across Rock Island County.

East Moline officials are urging residents to submit their claims so the cities and the county as a whole can get the financial help they need from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“We don't need to know the dollar amount,” said Robert DeFrance, East Moline Fire Chief. “We don't need to know all the details, it's not a claim. We don't have any money to help you out but we're gathering data basically to submit to the state so that somebody can make a case if there's enough damage that the area needs to have some assistance.”

People in East Moline can report damages through April 30, in person at the fire station on Morton Drive, or by calling 309-230-5041, 309-230-0127, or 309-230-7239. The numbers can be called from 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.