New antique mall caters to young shoppers

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A new antique mall is preparing to open it's doors in Eldridge, Iowa, and it's owners are hoping to attract a new generation to "junking."

“It's definitely not just for old people," said co-owner Justin Danielsen.

Just a week before it's grand opening, the Antique Cartel is filling up. The store features 37 booths from a variety of local vendors, and only three openings remain. Already, the store plans to expand in the coming weeks.

Booths have themes ranging from furniture to "man-tiques," and all items must be older than the 1970s.

It's owners are two young couples -- Justin and Mariah Danielsen and Nate and Patricia Miller. The foursome is hoping to attract pickers like themselves to their store.

“We want to not just attract the older people. We want to attract younger people, who are our age, who also want one-of-a-kind pieces. And I think the shows on the History Channel and stuff really help that," said Mariah.

It seems that reality television shows like American Pickers and Antiques Roadshow have made hobbies like antiquing cool.

“It’s definitely helping the popularity. It’s harder for us to get stuff at a decent price to resell, but yeah, it's definitely helping the popularity," said Justin.

The pair hope more young people will discover that "old" doesn't have to mean "trash."

“It's kinda fun, just to know the history behind the chair you’re sitting on or the coffee table in front of you," said Mariah.

“Now it's all mass-produced. It's really neat to see something that somebody took days, weeks, months to make, and you can own it," said Justin.

The Antique Cartel will have a soft opening this Saturday, April 27. It's grand opening is planned for May 4th. You can find hours and directions on their website.