Getting Back To Normal After The Flood

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As the water levels keep going down things are looking up for River Drive. As businesses in Davenport had to shut down, they’re opening back up tonight.  Rhythm City Casino re-opened its doors on April, 26th, 2013.

"Smells like the river,” says Russell Westfall who traveled for Galesburg to check out the river.

What was once a crest is now a creek and trains are finally running again.

"I noticed along the railroad they're fixing switchboxes and stuff, checking them out to make sure everything is in order,” says Reed Degolier who was visiting the Quad Cities.

Plenty of people took advantage of the nice weather and headed to Rhythm City Casino.

"We walked in and they met us at the door, ‘hello thank you for stopping back, we're open, come on in’,” says Degolier.

While there are still a few of barriers on River Drive there’s a lot more green then blue around.

"Everything else is open and dry,” says Degolier.

Crews were out pumping and cleaning off streets.

Parking lots like the Freight House that were once covered with water now had cars parked in them.

Nancy Gentry spent her lunch at Fresh Deli, who says the water receding is a little sign that life on River Drive is going back to normal, "Life is good, it's beautiful."

Down the river, city officials in Muscatine removed their flood gates and traffic is back to normal on East Second Street. However the Mississippi Drive detour is still in effect.