QC woman rescues giant fish from floodwaters

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47th Avenue is usually better suited for cars than carp, but Wednesday morning, floodwaters left a surprise guest floating in the Moline street.

"There was, sure enough, quite a few fish out here. And there was the big one, stuck in the drain over there, trying to get sucked down, but it wouldn't take him because it was too big," said Jamie Hopkins.

That's when Hopkins stepped in -- literally -- to rescue the giant fish.

"She just went into the water and picked up this big, 10-pound fish out of nowhere. It was crazy," said co-worker Noell Redell.

Hopkins posed for pictures with the fish before carrying it to deeper waters. The nurse said she loves to fish and didn't think twice about rescuing this one.

"I love fish. I like animals of all kind, so I guess that was about it. I'm just always up for a new thing, and so I just picked him up," said Hopkins.

Hopkins guessed the fish weighed about 12 to 15 pounds. But like any good fish story, this one has some tall tales as well.

"I have a two-year-old, and by the way I have her on my hip, that's what it reminded me of -- her carrying a big baby, because of how huge it was," said Redell.

The pictures of Hopkins have since become a hit on Facebook and social media.

"The biggest thing that I’ve heard is, ‘You should have kept it, those things are so good smoked,'" laughed Hopkins.