Airport sees delays from furloughs

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It's not just the weather that's causing flight delays across the country.

Furloughs for air traffic controllers are putting the brakes on, also.

Airline passengers like Debra Chambers know the hassle delays can have on their travel experience.

"It's a pain,” she said. “You just want to get home. But, it's just out of your control."

Furloughs of air traffic controllers caused more than 1,000 delays across the country on Tuesday.

The rest of the week could be even worse for passengers, according to the FAA.

Like Debra, Maryanne and Don Doonan are also flying to England.

They're flying out of the Quad Cities to Chicago, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

If their flight is delayed they have a plan.

"Probably go sit in the bar," said Doonan.

The arrival and departure boards are what most passengers are looking at to get the status of their flights.

At the Quad Cities International Airport, it's more of a secondary effect they're feeling from the major hubs like Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta.

QC International will have full staffing levels in its air traffic control tower, according to Assistant Director of Aviation, Bryan Johnson.

But, they will still likely feel a ripple effect from grounded planes elsewhere.

"It keeps the people in the terminal building a little longer,” said Johnson. “But, certainly it's more comfortable than sitting on an airplane, on a tarmac for hours on end."

"Don't have any choice. You just got to wait.”

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