Personalized Angel Statue Stolen from R.I. Home

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A Rock Island woman is heartbroken tonight after a special gift from her brother was stolen right off of her front porch along 11th Street.

Diane Cooper said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked outside her window Monday morning.

Diane shares, “I looked to my husband and said she’s gone, my angel is gone.”

A concrete angel was taken from the front porch of Diane Cooper’s Rock Island home.  The angel was a gift from Diane’s brother, Willie that he made and painted it himself.  He gave it to her for a birthday present 4 years ago.

“She was so happy.  She started crying and I said you’re not supposed to be crying, you are supposed to be happy,” Willie shared.

Diane says the angel helps her get through her tough days while dealing with Lupus.

“I know it’s a statue and everything but she means a lot to me,” Diane says.

The statue is about 2 feet tall and weighs around 15 pounds.  The face is painted brown and has a yellow sash across the front.