Broken Levee Forces Some Out Of Their Homes

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Some people had to evacuate their homes after a levee broke in Oquawka, Illinois. It happened at 7:30 Sunday morning, April 21, 2013. Around eight homes and one business had to be evacuated.

Linda Hawbaker and her husband’s first day of vacation weren’t off to a great start, "I knew the river was high, but I didn't think it be that quite high."

People in Oquawka gathered to see the sight for themselves.

"It's a shame you know we expect it we know it's going to happen but it's still always a shame you just have to think about the people,” says resident, Michelle VanDolah.

The business impacted was The Oquawka Diner, which residents say has been around for years.

 "Everybody comes together and people out of town offer to help and everything else, it just does the heart good to see everybody coming together and that,” says VanDolah.

Those affected by the flood made prior arrangements before the flood for somewhere to stay.

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