Beyond the Green Screen: TV with a Cause

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The Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities is holding its telethon in the WQAD Studios on Sunday from 11 to 5pm. In preparations for the big day, organizers have been moving tables, chairs, and snacks right in front of the weather center.

Can you imagine how much of a distraction it is to have a Whitey’s ice cream cart full of little tubs of ice cream next to the green screen? I hope there are leftovers Sunday night.


When I come into work tomorrow the room will be filled with several generous volunteers and donators. Every year I’m amazed at how many people contribute to the cause.

While you are hearing the heart-touching stories, seeing volunteers answer phones, and hosts asking for your donations there is really so much more that is going on behind the scenes. Producers and directors are making sure the show runs smoothly, hosts are checking their scripts, volunteers and donators are being directed around the building, production staff is listening closely to cues on where their cameras need to be and when, organizers are collecting donations and I’m sitting in the weather center putting my show together among all that activity behind me.

Our Sunday newscast will air at its regular time at 5. However, I hope you will already be watching our station by then. The Children’s Therapy Center does wonderful things for the kids and will do their best to put on a wonderful telethon for you.

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