Flooding Slows Down Businesses On River Drive

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Local Businesses have taken a hit because of flooding. River Drive in Davenport is closed causing businesses to see fewer customers.

Confusion seemed to be the theme on Friday, April 19, 2013.  Signs and barricades blocked motorists from driving on River Drive. Although the signs say closed, businesses are still open.

"People have been calling all morning, are you open, will you be open,” says co-owner of Front Street Brewery, Jennie Ash.

Ash says because of the road closures she has seen fewer customers, “As usual I think people are alarmed, how do you get there, are we flooded?"

There’s another problem though, after customer’s figure out businesses are open, getting there is the tricky part.

"There were so many detours and I don’t know how I even got here,” says customer Jessica Eaton.

Down the street at Java Java Cafe, it was just as slow.

"We didn't see a lot of our regular customers today that I normally do,” says owner, Daron Vanzeyden.

Going through this before, Vanzeyden says he’s use to it, "its like anytime we start throwing signs up, even placing the signs, that the road is going to be closed, you’re going to be seeing an impact in business."

Business owners just want customers to know that they’re there to stay.

"We're open, we're here, we'd love to see you,” says Ash.