People Prepare For Flood As Dike Breaks

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Water rushing onto roads and farm fields as the Green River Dike in Geneseo, IL broke, causing people rushing to get their belongings up on higher ground and neighboring towns to get ready for the stream of water heading their way.

There’s a little less green in Lee and Larry Hubb’s backyard.

"It's coming up pretty fast this time and the dike is broke on our part so it's hard telling what we'll get,” says Lee.

Roads that were once behind their cabin have now disappeared, says Larry, "This morning I walked that road now it's under water."

The Hubbs have lived there for 20 years and says flooding comes with the territory, “We just learn to adjust to it, I mean you buy swamp land and you know it's going to happen,” says Lee.

The broken dike caused farm fields to flood and had neighboring towns preparing for the worst.

"It's going swift, man that water is moving fast,” says Francis Ballegeer who was putting out sandbags.

Preparing for a flood is nothing new, but he says the steaks are a lot higher this time around, "We have this almost every year, a little bit, but this is the worst because the river is a lot higher this year."

When dealing with Mother Nature, she is never predictable.

"What's still here afterwards is still here, good, what's not, you just go with it,” says Lee.

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