Man Reunites With Woman After Saving Her Life

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After one man saved a woman from a burning car, the two of them met for the first time since the accident. It was a day both Jacque McCallister and Robert Bryan had been looking forward to. The two met at a benefit held for Jacque on Saturday, April 13, 2013 and it’s all thanks to Robert’s heroic efforts.

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 "I would just like to meet her and tell her I’m glad she's okay,” says Robert.

On December 30, 2012, Jacque was in an accident. Her car hit a tree knocking her unconscious and her car blew up in flames. Robert, who happened to be driving by, pulled over and without any hesitation Robert took to action.

"The car is on fire and she's still in there and I got to get her out,” says Robert.

"To realize it was somebody coming along and stopped when a car was on fire and took the chance to pull her. How do you thank someone for saving your daughter's life,” says Jacque’s dad Lionel McCallister.

After recovering from several injuries, Jacque and Robert finally met.The McCallister’s gave Robert a plaque. It was their way of saying thanks.

"These people thanking me, you know they're so happy that they didn't lose their family member,” says Robert.

Robert says he was in the right place at the right time, "I don’t know why I happened to be at that place. You know everybody says things happen for a reason you know, but why was I there? I guess to save her life."

Jacque had broken bones, ribs, a puncture lung and head injuries, but doctors say she will make a 100% recovery. Both Robert and Jacque plan on keeping in touch with each other.