Old Navy opens early for two girls battling cancer

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Moline's Old Navy Store opened its doors early Wednesday morning for two Moline girls battling cancer.

Doctors diagnosed 14 year-old Maggie Driscal and 16 year-old Alexis Willey with cancer in the past two years. Driscal goes to John Deere Middle School and Willey goes to Moline High School.

Tudi's Tribe Foundation set up a shopping spree for the two girls at South Park Mall's Old Navy. Driscal says it's nice to simply be able to shop in a mall again.

"It is pretty cool because I haven't been able to come to the mall since like January," Driscal said. "With my blood count, I can't be around huge groups of people, so being able to come shop is...pretty cool."

Tudi's Tribe paid for all the clothes that the two girls bought Wednesday. The charity helps out nearly 30 families throughout the Quad Cities that are battling cancer.