Iowa law would require vision screening for kindergarten and 3rd grade students

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The Iowa house and senate have passed a bill requiring vision testing for children before they start kindergarten and again as they approach third grade.

SF 419 passed the house with a 97-0 vote April 8, 2013.  The state senate passed the proposal with a 44-4 vote March 18.

The legislation requires vision screening by a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist or at a physician’s office, child care center, free clinic or health department.  The screening can also be performed at a school  or even via an online screening conducted by a parent or guardian.

The results of the screening must also be reported to the state department of health.

Families with a religious conflict would not be required to comply with the requirement.

Illinois requires children to have an eye exam before starting kindergarten or any public or private school for the first time.

Governor Terry Branstad must sign the Iowa bill before the requirement becomes law.