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Study says you’re stressed out by something at work

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More than eight in ten workers say they are stressed out on the job.

That’s according to the 2013 Work Stress Survey conducted by Harris Interactive.  They surveyed more than 1,000 employed adults, and 83% of them said at least one thing at work was stressful.

That’s up from 73% with work-related stress in 2012.

The most likely stressors?  Heavier workloads and low pay.

Nearly twice as many women than men said low pay was the most stressful part of their job.  Lower earners were also more likely to say low pay was a top stressor for them.

Men ranked top stressors as unreasonable workload and annoying co-workers.   Higher earners (with incomes over $100,000) also said workload was the top problem with their job.

“More companies are hiring, but workers are still weary and stressed out from years of a troubled economy that has brought about longer hours, layoffs and budget cuts,” said survey spokesman John Swartz.

Other work-related stressors respondents listed were job not in chosen field, lacking opportunities for advancement and the commute.

Seventeen percent said nothing about their job stressed them out.

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