Rock Island Mayor Pauley Says He’s Ready For Second Term

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No recounts this time around as Rock Island Mayor Dennis Pauley wins a second term in office on April 9th, 2013.

With 100% of the precincts in Rock Island reporting, Mayor Pauley won the election with 59.33% of the vote. He was challenged by former mayoral candidate David Levin (30.20%) and long-time business owner, Rick Cassini (10.25%).

Mayor Pauley says having the opportunity to serve a second term means his team can "go out and finish the projects that we've started."

"It also sends a great message to me that the voters like what we're doing, they like the way we've handled the finances, they like the projects, they know that we're going to bring in some real tax that we can have to work on all of our infrastructure. It's a great message from the voters."

Mayor Pauley was elected as Mayor in 2009, replacing Mark Schwiebert, who was Mayor of Rock Island from 1989 to 2009. Pauley says they've had many accomplishments in the last four years.

"We've haven't had any property tax increases for the past two years. We've got projects like Walmart, Fareway, Jumer's Crossing, and we've got more coming this way."

As for the next four years, Mayor Pauley says he's most excited about completing the projects the city is already working on, managing the finances to keep everything on an even keel, and moving Rock Island to the next level.

"We're able to do that now. We're going to continue doing that."