Missing tortoise was not stolen

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It has been discovered that a tortoise originally presumed stolen by a Dubuque museum and aquarium was not actually stolen.

KCRG reports that officials at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium say the 18-pound tortoise named “Cashew” had gotten stuck after crawling behind a wall.

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“Cashew” was discovered by an employee on Thursday, April 4, and placed the animal in an elevator to protect the museum from looking foolish.

Museum President, Jerry Enzler said what the employee did was wrong. The employee has not been identified and it is unknown if disciplinary action will be taken.
“Cashew” was first reported missing and thought to be stolen on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.
“The Museum & Aquarium is now reviewing all its enclosures and its procedures to continue to provide the highest possible level of animal care,” said John Sutter, Director of Marketing & Sales.
Veterinarians say “Cashew” is healthy and is expected to be back on display soon.