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4,600 Arsenal Furlough Notices Delayed Until May

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The Department of Defense says its has delayed furlough notices for workers on the Rock Island Arsenal until May.

On March 21, the Department of Defense delayed the furloughs for the civilian workers there for two weeks. But now, the furlough days have also been cut from 22 days down to 14. Past spending cut proposals could have cut their budget by nearly $200 million.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin visited the Arsenal Wednesday. Regardless of the cutbacks, he says that the furloughs are making real families face hardships for the next six months.

"Some of my colleagues in Washington argue that the sequestration has come and gone, and nobody has even noticed," Durbin said. "Well they should come to the Arsenal and visit with these families because they've noticed, and we should notice as well."

Garrison Public Affairs Worker Eric Cramer also says that the number of civilian employees that will be affected by the sequester is now just 4,600 workers. The furloughs should start though in June.