Agreement with the USDA and DuPont announced

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To promote renewable energy and conservation, the U.S. Agriculture Secretary announced a new collaborative agreement.

Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Friday that there will be a new federal-private collaboration with DuPont and the USDA. The agreement will safeguard natural resources on private lands used to supply bio-based feedstocks for cellulosic ethanol production, according to the USDA Office of Communications.

The first plant involved is northeast of Des Moines, near Nevada, Iowa where DuPont is building a facility.

The USDA said that the joint agreement is aiming to set voluntary standards for sustainable harvesting of agricultural residues for renewable fuel and supports rural job creation.

“USDA and DuPont share a common interest in the wise use and management of soil, water and energy resources,” said Vilsack. “Both organizations also share an interest in helping individual farmers adapt to new market opportunities.”

The Executive Vice President of DuPont, Jim Borel said that working with farmers is critical to maximizing the land’s productivity and conserving natural resources.

The USDA will provide conservation planning, documents written with farmers to help them protect natural resources while promoting a farm’s economic sustainability, as the industry begins to commercialize.