Sherrard Coming Together To Honor Those Lost

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Right along the main road here in Sherrard, you see this a sign that says “Our deepest sympathies for the families for their loved ones lost in this tragedy.”

This is just one of the many ways this town is trying to pay respect  and honor the wonderful people they have lost.

One of the girls killed in that fire was 15-year-old Cassandra Turner.  She was a member of the Sherrard softball team.

Holli and her little sister Jessica Harker were at the home for a slumber party with their friend Breana Viager when the fire broke out.

Breana's mother Anna Viager was also killed in the fire.  She has been described as a caring and giving woman who had touched many lives while working in the school cafeteria.

Dodie Wessels of the Sherrard Library says Anna would often come in with her children.  She says the children were full of life.

Wessels says she hopes this community will honor the family by living life the way Anna did.

“To honor the family.  Not just to get through the grief but to show the kind of things that Anna would like to do, to volunteer and to just be there for your neighbor,” Wessels says.

Monetary donations can be made here at 1st Community Bank.  More details of how to do that can be found if you click here.

The family would like everyone to wear the school colors of purple and gold on Monday to honor those lost.