Galesburg School District Reduces Staff

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The Galesburg school district will be cutting down on staff over the next year.

The district is releasing seven part-time and full-time teachers and 70 teachers’ aides and paraprofessionals, according to a spokesperson.

According to Superintendent Bart Arthur, the cuts are not due to issues with job performance, but issues with funding.

Automatic cuts were triggered on March 1, 2013 when no agreement was made on a deficit package. Federal grant dollars are expected to be cut, but it is unknown how much this will affect schools.

“Teachers’ unions, the community, everyone needs to work with legislators to tell the governor this (education) is one way we can improve our economy,” said Arthur. “The reality is education should be the number one focus of our governor.”

On Tuesday the Board of Education rehired 131 non-tenured certified staff and administration for next school year.