Mother leaves baby with note in locked car

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A photo of a baby left with a note inside a locked car went viral after it was posted online.

A New Zealand mother reportedly left her baby inside a locked car with a note that read, “My mum’s in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything,” followed by the mother’s cell phone number.

A couple passing by took a photo of the baby with the note and then called the mother.

The photo went viral after it ended up on Facebook, where it earned more than 1,500 comments.  Some commenters called for the mother to face child neglect charges and some defending her choice to let the baby sleep in the car.

The Christian Post reports the mother wasn’t facing charges because not formal complaint was yet filed.  It is illegal there to leave a child under 14 years of age alone for “an unreasonable time or in unreasonable conditions.”  If a formal complaint is filed, the mother could face a $2,000 fine.