Moline Schools Could Cut $2 million from Budget

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The Moline School District will recommend cutting $2 million from its budget for next year.

The district has three different options on the table, Options A, B, and C. The district will recommend Option B to its school board in April.

Option B includes cutting 24 full-time equivalent teaching positions. It also plans on reducing its special education tuition funding by $400,000. Superintendent David Moyer says the district will save that money by not having to move kids to other school districts.

"Moline expects to recover approximately $400,000 in out-of-district tuition payments by providing services to special education students within existing district programs and facilities," Moyer said Friday.

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That would reduce the district deficit to just $1.7 million. The Moline School District faces nearly $4 million in deficits if it doesn't act.

The state of Illinois also owes Moline Schools $1 million. The Equalized Assessed Value in Moline has also dropped for the first time in 25 years. That has also cut the district's budget down by $700,000.

The school district will recommend its plan to the board at its meeting April 8th. It also will sue the state for Elliott Aviation's property tax exemptions in Rock Island County.