Scott County Facing “Urgent Need” for Foster Families

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A shortage of foster families has more than a hundred kids in Scott County alone hoping to find a new home.

Iowa Kids Net says in Scott County there is only 62 foster homes but 111 kids looking for placement.   The need's greatest for families able to help teens and siblings.

One local foster parent, Deanna Hibner has taken in over 80 kids within the last 8 years.  She says because she was in and out of the foster care system as a child, she understands the importance of family.

“I don’t do this because we are going to get rich, I don’t do this because it gives me some self righteous feeling; I do this because it is something I have the ability and the capacity to do,” Hibner says.

Alice Tirrell of Iowa Kids Net says the need for people like Hibner is greater than ever.

“The need is huge, especially here in Scott County,” Tirrell says.

Tirrell says being a foster parent can help direct children in a positive path.

“They are not bad kids, they have had bad things happen to them,” Tirrell says.  “The foster parents are the ones to show them that they are good kids and can be productive members of society.”

Foster children can be placed in a family for as short as 10 tens up to multiple years but the goal is often to get them back in their biological families.  Hibner says though that can often be bitter-sweet, she understands that family is most important.

“It is always better to be with family, family is always number one,” Hibner says.

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