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Auto insurance rates better in Iowa than most states

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In an annual state-by-state comparison of auto insurance rates, Iowa has the second-best rates in the country.

The survey, recently posted online by, ranked Iowa only behind Maine for the best rates in the U.S.  Maine residents pay an average of $934 per year for car insurance.  Iowan’s pay an average of $1,028.

People are less likely to sue over a car wreck in Iowa.  Paul Pohlson, president of the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa, said Iowa drivers might not be so rushed and might not have as much road rage as those in other states.

Illinois ranked 14th in the survey, with an average annual rate of $1,322 for car insurance.

The national average was $1,510.

The worst rates in the country were in Louisiana, where the average annual premium was $2,699.  The report says drivers in Louisiana are more likely than those in other states to file bodily injury claims after a wreck, and they’re more likely to file comprehensive claims which include damage from natural disasters.

Read more of the survey online – click here.