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Scott County Growing in Population

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A new census report shows growth in Iowa, while it's a slightly different story in Illinois. Census shows Scott County is the fifth fastest growing county in Iowa since 2012. Houses are popping up, people are moving in and jobs are being created. All of these play a factor in the success of Scott County’s growth in population.

"We've seen a lot more residential homes going in the last year, in the LeClaire, Bettendorf, davenport area,” says Ethan Mahler, owner of Summit Concrete.

Business has been good for Summit Concrete and that’s because Scott County has seen more than three thousand people, a 2.2 % growth since 2010.

"Population growth is one of the measures of how we're doing as a region so we're happy to be one of the highest growth counties in the state of Iowa,” says President and CEO for the Quad City Chamber of Commerce, Tara Barney.

Barney says one big reason is jobs, "we've seen pretty nice growth in manufacturing and a lot of work that our community specializes in."

More jobs means more homes “Our housing market has tightened up,” Barney says, “We have new housing starts which is really a big part of contributing to economic growth."

That helps keep Mahler’s company in business, "It's nice, it keeps us busier,” says Mahler.

It’s a different story for Rock Island County, they lost 89 people over the last two years.

"Illinois in general has had some out migration and I think this is just a part of the larger adjustment that’s being made in the Illinois State,” says Barney.

The Quad City Chamber and businesses hope this is a sign of what’s to come.

"We always hope to keep on expanding, keep on growing so that makes us feel good that we're in a good area,” says Mahler.

Although Rock Island County had more people leave the county, there were more births than deaths which helps offset most of the loss.