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Moline Schools Could Cut 40+ Teachers

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The Moline Board of Education will look at cutting 45 teachers from its staff Monday night.

However, the school district plans on rehiring more than half of those teachers. In total, administrators say they will only cut 17 of those 45 teachers.

The Moline School District will have its Board of Education meeting at John Deere Middle School Monday. The proposed cuts come just four days after the district held a special board meeting to discuss the possible cuts.

The district's agenda packet has 45 teachers that could be cut, everything from first year temporary teachers to third year contract teachers. The "first year regular contract probationary teachers" had the largest number of employees on the cut list for Monday.

The district says it needs to do cut because of a "reduction in force" in the upcoming school year. Superintendent David Moyer also told us on Thursday the district may have to cut even more programs the following year if the financial situation doesn't change.

Budget documents show the district faces a $3 million deficit in its education fund for next school year. Monday's Committee of the Whole Meeting starts at 6 p.m. The board meeting immediately follows.