Gun Owners Plea for Carry and Conceal

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The local Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day group headed down to Springfield Wednesday morning for their annual lobby day.

The group left the Moline Wal-Mart at 7 Wednesday morning. It had about 25 supporters on board at the time. It also planned on picking people up in Peoria and Galesburg to head down to Springfield.

They are supporting a new bill from State House Rep Brandon Phelps. The bill would allow carry and conceal in your vehicle but ban it inside schools, child care facilities, and government buildings. The bill has made it to the house floor.

They call a bill that House Speaker Michael Madigan introduced a "rival bill." It has many amendments on it that would restrict the areas where a person could carry. Republicans claim the bill basically blocks the bill Phelps introduced.

The bill Phelps is proposing is known as HB 997, and the bill Madigan is proposing is HB 1155. The local IGOLD group should be back in the Quad Cities around 8 p.m. Wednesday.