QC kids share area’s best sledding hills

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News Eight set out to find the best sledding hills in the Quad Cities Tuesday with the help of your Facebook comments.

"It`s the middle of the week, and everyone wants to go sledding on a snow day," summed up Vincent Esposito at Lincoln Park in Rock Island.

Your answers ranged from Richmond Hill in Geneseo, Illinois, to Illiniwek Park in Hampton. Our first stop, though, was Duck Creek Park in Davenport. Sledders Mia Curtis and Isabelle Carranza said they'd been at the hill most of the day, and think it's the best in the QCA.

“It has both sides. And I like it being steep," said the girls.

Across the river, we also found a crowd at Lincoln Park in Rock Island. Sledders like Vincent Esposito say the key to a great hill is finding a ramp.

"It has to be steep, and the snow can’t be too deep so that you slow down, and there has to be a ramp at the end," said Esposito.

Our final stop was Camden Park in Milan, Illinois. The popular hill was also a hit with sledders and snowboarders of all ages.

“Pretty much if they’re big and steep. That’s what makes it fun," said Hailey Lenth.