Chamberlin: Rhythm City GM Resigns

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Riverboat Development Authority President Mary Ellen Chamberlin says that Rhythm City GM Mo Hyder has resigned from his place.

Emails from Chamberlin to City Administrator Craig Malin say Hyder had a "lack of confidence in his ability to retain his position." Chamberlin says that Hyder took a new position as the CFO of the Caesar's Casino in New Orléans.

City Administrator Craig Malin says he wanted to keep Hyder in his current position with the new casino. Malin told Chamberlin "that [Hyder's] employment would continue, and every person who worked on the term sheet...can confirm that was the intent."

The news comes as the RDA meets Monday evening, but it is not expected to vote on a contract with the DCIC- or the casino board. Even so, casino board member Jeff Justin expects for the RDA to vote on a contract at its next meeting after Mondays.

"I think it's close," Justin said of the contract. "Once it's finalized, and then they don't have any changes to it, I think it will be ready for a vote."

The RDA meets at 5 p.m. Monday at the River Music Experience in downtown Davenport. It has not set up its next meeting after Mondays.