Couple Arrested for Making Meth With Toddler Present

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A Davenport couple has been arrested for making meth in their apartment with their 21-year-old toddler present.

28-year-old Joshua Stalder and 24-year-old Lauren Smeltzer were arrested early Thursday and have both been charged felony drug charges and child endangerment.

We spoke with Smeltzer’s uncle, Barry Parsons who says she was going to college and doing well until she got back into a relationship with Stalder.

“She feel into the wrong hands and this is what happens,” Parsons says.

Parsons says the toddler is now in the care of another family member.

“The baby is ok, in fact I brought her some clothes the other day and she was running around having fun.”

Parsons says though many may judge, he has faith his niece will recover.

“I’m a recovering addict so she just has to learn and she will learn now.”

The couple now faces child endangerment charges, which is an aggravated misdemeanor.  Smeltzer is also facing a felony charge of possession with intent to deliver and is in custody at the Scott County Jail on $25,000 bond.  Stalder is being charged with manufacturing meth, a felony and is in custody on $100,000 bond.