Grassley Says No to Tax Increase Solution

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WASHINGTON, DC - Iowa Republican U.S. Senator Charles Grassley says a tax hike cannot be part of the solution to planned "sequestration" cuts due to go into effect March 1st.

"This agreement cannot have tax increases in it," Sen. Grassley said during a live interview this morning on "Good Morning Quad Cities".

"I think sequestration is going to start," Sen Grassley says of the $85 billion dollars in across-the-board cuts expected to go into effect starting Friday, March 1.

But Senator Grassley says the full impact of the cuts won't be felt immediately.  He also holds out hope a meeting between the White House and Congressional leaders on Friday will pave the way toward an agreement.

"I think, finally, this brings people to the table, though the President has had 18 months to do the same thing he's doing tomorrow (Friday) and maybe stop this and fins dome kind of solution.