Residents Express Love/Hate Relationship With Snow

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Like it or not, the snow fall in Galesburg Tuesday had many out of the house and put some back to work.

Owner of Mike Martin Snow Plowing says his 38 years of experience have allowed him to see plenty of snow but considering the last couple winters, Tuesday's flurries were a positive thing.

“This is the 2nd year we haven’t had much in Galesburg so we are glad to take what we can get,” Martin says.

For Pete Plecsia and his son Avery and their four-legged friend Cedar, the snow is welcomed.  Just moved back to the Midwest from Oregon, Pete enjoys all that comes with it.

“I don’t even mind the shoveling, really,” Pete tells us as he shovels away.  “It’s a reason to get outside otherwise I would just be at work doing the regular thing.”

Neighbor Joan Nicholas is not quite sold on the idea.  She says she hates the scooping but like many, she is forced to see the good in it all.

“It burns some calories, that’s the only thing I like about it,” Nicholas jokes.

Galesburg saw around 5 inches of snow on Tuesday.