What you need to know before you drive in snow

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The Iowa and Illinois Departments of Transportation are offering tips Thursday for how drivers can stay safe if they get stuck in the snow.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is calling these necessities your "winter ice kit." It says you should have an ice scraper, de-icer spray, and also windshield wash. Crews also say it's nice to have a blanket and gloves in your car if you're stranded on the road.

Snow emergencies will be in effect Thursday in Clinton and Blue Grass. Because of that, public works departments are asking people to park off of city streets.

Crews also plan to pre-treat some city streets Thursday. Davenport Public Works Director Mike Clarke says pre-treating city streets is a major advantage to keeping streets clear.

"It initiates snow melting before the snow even arrives," Clarke said. "So that is going to give us an advantage of keeping the streets clear."

The Iowa Department of Transportation is asking people to tweet in pictures of the interstates throughout the state, but they do not want you to do it while you're driving. They only want you to do it if you're pulled over. They're twitter name is @iowadot.