Budget Cuts Could Mean Longer Lines at Airport, Less Security

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If you thought the lines were bad at major airports now, prepare for them to be even worse.

If Washington goes through with the $85 billion in budget cuts in march, many federal agencies including T.S.A will be forced to furlough employees.  And though the cuts have to come from somewhere, frequent traveler Judy Thacker says the airport is the last place the furlough days should be happening.

“If we reduce the security at our airports, then isn’t that our most vulnerable part?”  Thacker says, “I think there are a lot more places that can be cut other than the safety of the American citizens.”

Muscatine man, Alan Kilberger just returned from a trip to Mexico.  He thinks cuts just have to be made but he questions where they are coming from.

“I think it ought to be cut across the board, everybody including our senators and representatives need to have a cut,” Kilberger says.

I asked T.S.A. if they thought the cuts would compromise airport security or how exactly they would affect the Quad City International Airport and they declined to comment.