Rock Island could give Black Hawk College $1.8 million to move

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The Rock Island City Council will vote to buy Black Hawk College's Adult Learning Center Monday night.

The Adult Learning Center is in The Watch Tower Plaza, but that building will become the new home of Rock Island's Walmart. The city will move The Adult Learning Center to 11th Street and Blackhawk Road right across the street from the 7-eleven gas station.

The city council will vote on whether to buy the Black Hawk College property for $406,000. It will also vote on the sale of property on 11th Street and Blackhawk Road to developers for just $10. The city will give Black Hawk College $1.8 million in order to help them move to the new intersection.

The city has set up a tax increment financing or TIF district to help developers rebuild 11th Street and Blackhawk Road. The city could give developers up to $2 million in infrastructure rebates, so they can build the area.

As for Walmart, construction there is supposed to start in the spring of 2013. However, the city still has to buy more property in the Watch Tower Plaza, so it can make way for the new store.