Burlington life savers receive Local Hero awards

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An ordinary December 17th at the Burlington Auto Outlet became extraordinary.

"We have a customer who collapsed," the 9-1-1 caller reported.

Dramatic moments and a life changing experience followed.

"He is unconscious," the caller continued. "It is a he, and we're going out."

As customer Jack Delph, 61, collapses into cardiac arrest after just buying a car, General Manager Craig Beck performs CPR.

"I knew I had to do it," he recalled.

Beck used Boy Scout skills from 38 years ago.

"If it didn't get done, he wasn't going to make it," Beck said.

Throughout the business, a call is out for anyone with CPR training to help. New London volunteer firefighter Kasey Miller steps into action.

Miller spends a lot of time saving cars on his job. On this day, he saves a life.

"Jack was just in the right place at the right time," he recalled.

Reasons why Burlington Fire Chief Matt Trexel presents them with Local Hero awards on Thursday.

"We thought it was important to recognize these two men for their life saving actions," Chief Trexel said.

Jack Delph, who was released from the hospital on Christmas Day, is there to offer thanks.

"If they weren't there, I wouldn't be here today," he said.

Smiles and sentiment for a customer who got much more than a car.

"It's definitely an amazing feeling," Miller said.

"It's an emotional thing," Beck continued.

And after triple bypass surgery, Jack goes back to work in two weeks.

"It sure worked out well for me," he concluded. "It was great."

Great for a Burlington business that now plans to team up with the fire department to offer CPR training for all its employees.

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