QC drivers prep for weather swing

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As temperatures drop to below freezing overnight, the rain we're seeing now will likely make for an icy morning.

Drivers who park outside may find themselves going to extreme lengths to keep their cars ice-free. And from Pinterest to YouTube, there are plenty of ideas to do so.

At QC Auto, they've seen it all and insist a little routine maintenance can go a long way.

"We can check the alternator, we can check the batteries out for you, check the protector of the coolant so it doesn't freeze up," said mechanic Dave Long.

But do any of those tricks actually work? Long wouldn't recommend spraying your cars' locks or doors with cooking spray.

"If it gets cold enough, PAM will actually freeze in your lock and make it actually worse. You might break your key off even, and then you've got big problems, gotta come see me, and it's gonna cost money," said Long.

How about spraying the windows with vinegar?

"I've not heard about that one. I wouldn't recommend it, probably," said Long.

But one trick did seem to have some truth behind it -- covering the windshield with garbage bags.

"I've heard that helps, the plastic doesn't stick when it freezes as bad," said Long.

Long said the best option for de-icing your windshield is the "old-fashioned, hard work" way -- turn on the defrost and get out your scraper.

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