Three arrested for trying to use fake $20 bills at Wal-Mart

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Three people were arrested for allegedly trying to use fake $20 bills at an area Wal-Mart.

Jimmie Martin, 40, of Bettendorf, Jeffrey Morris, 46, of Davenport and with Vauncile Ruby, 46, also of Davenport were arrested Saturday, January 26, 2013.  They each face multiple felony burglary and forgery charges.

Police say two of the suspects bought merchandise with the fake twenties at a Sterling Wal-Mart Supercenter, 4115 East Lincolnway, at around 5 p.m.  Police said 20 minutes later, the same suspects tried to return the merchandise at the Dixon Wal-Mart. 

Police said the same people had passed counterfeit $20 at several other area stores.

Martin, Morris and Ruby were held in the Whiteside County Jail. 

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