January 23 is National Pie Day

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(CNN) — Not to be overshadowed by Pi Day, pies are a windowsill staple well-deserving of their own day. January 23 is National Pie Day.

We’re rolling out a few tips and tricks to get you started in today’s pie-making endeavors:

– To avoid a soggy crust, use a glass or dull-finished metal pie pan. Avoid shiny metal pans as they reflect heat and prevent the crust from browning properly. And with a glass dish, you can always check to see if your bottom crust is over-browning.

– If the edges of your pie crust start to burn, cover them with foil. This will protect them from over-browning while the filling of the pie continues to bake.

– Try not to add too much additional flour when rolling out the dough. The more flour you add during this process, the tougher the dough will be. A pastry cloth can help absorb extra flour and prevent stickiness, and is available at most grocery and kitchen supply stores.

– Don’t throw away your pie crust scraps, they make excellent pie toppers, as well as cookies. For the latter, sprinkle them with sugar and bake them off until they’re golden brown and crisp. You can also top them with savory ingredients like grated cheese.

– Let the pie cool before you cut into it. Yes, it’s a Herculean task, but letting it cool first will allow the pie’s juices to finish setting.

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