Arrest made in case of car smashing through gas station

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An East Moline man is under arrest, charged with stealing a car and then crashing it through a gas station window.

Police say James Ostino, 30, jumped into a car at the BP gas station on 16th Street and Avenue of the Cities and tried to steal it, while the driver was busy putting air in the tires.

When the would-be thief started to pull away, the man who was driving the car jumped into the passenger seat and started punching him.

The car smashed through the window, Ostino detained by the driver until police arrived.

"They  patted him down and found a pipe commonly used to ingest crack cocaine, and the suspect admitted he had been on a 6-day crack bender", said Detective Scott Williams of the Moline Police Department.

Ostino is charged with theft and possessing a stolen vehicle. He's being held in the Rock Island County jail on $100,000 bond.

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