Eldridge Loses Historical Landmark

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Del’s Eatery and Pub was a historical landmark for Eldridge. People living there say they lost more than just a place to grab good food.

Lori Keneavy stands back and reminisces about all the memories she made at Del’s Eatery and Pub, "My last reunion the power went out because storms blew through the Iowa area and we stood in the dark."

Lori, an alumni of North Scott High School say class reunions were always held there.

"You could walk into Del's and I think everyone knows everyone,” says Lori.

The building has been in Eldridge since the 1800’s when it was Turner Hall, a hotel bar. It eventually was bought by a new owner.

Gwen Tomberg’s grandfather bought the building back in 1943. Her parents then took over in 1946. It was then called Tomberg’s Turner Hall. After having a hard time keeping up with the hotel, Gwen’s parents decided to just keep it as a bar with a reception hall.

Her father was the city’s mayor for eight years and she has quite a few memories herself, "It was a great place for families to gather before every football and basketball game. The place was packed,” says Gwen.

It is hard for her to see a place that felt like home go away.

"There are a lot of memories for everybody in this town, everybody in the whole community. It was so much more than a bar and restaurant. It was a community center,” says Gwen.

A new owner bought the building eight years ago and it was last known as Del’s Eatery and Pub. Although Eldridge has lost a piece of history, they say it’s the memories that will last forever.

"The history of the bricks per say won’t be here anymore, but the memories still will for everyone,” says Lori.

Neighbors say Del’s was the only place to hold receptions and they’re hoping the owner rebuilds.

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