It’s now illegal to stop, stand or park around Davenport Central High

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DAVENPORT - The city council voted Wednesday night to carry out a "No Stopping, Standing or Parking" ordinance on the north and east sides of Central High School.

Neighbors say the congestion near the school makes for long wait times around 2:30 every afternoon. That's when the Central High School kids get out of class.

"You're not going anywhere for the next 20 to 30 minutes," Davenport parent Sonya Engle said of that time period. "It's very difficult to even drive, walk, or do anything when school gets out."

The "No Stopping, Standing, or Parking" ordinance means that children and their parents will not be able to wait outside or in their cars in that area from 7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. The ordinance is going into effect on 12th Street from Harrison to Main Street. It will also be in effect on Main from 12th Street to Palmer Drive.

"Kids can get hurt around here," Central student Ashley Manyfield said. "There's just a lot of traffic, and they just go back and forth across the street."

The ordinance also calls on Central students to be picked up at the south side of the school instead of the north side. The city says that it won't start implementing the ordinance until after Spring Break, so people can get used to the change.

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