12-year-old Iowa shooting victim offers forgiveness

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Michael Wells (photo from WHO-TV)

A 12-year-old Iowa boy who was shot in the head by another boy says he forgives the people responsible for his injury.

The shooting happened when Michael Wells, of Ankeny, Iowa, and another 12-year-old boy argued over a girl in September 2012.   

WHO-TV reports the other boy got a .38 caliber revolver from a bedroom closet and shot Michael in the head.

The bullet entered just above Michael’s right eye and exited through the back of his head.

The alleged shooter is now charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.  Vickie Beckman, 45, and her boyfriend, Charles Toomer, 45, were also charged with making a loaded firearm available to a child under 14.  Beckman and Toomer live in the home where Michael was shot.

Police waited for Michael to recover enough that he could give information that would help in their investigation. 

Michael says he forgives what happened.

“Live is really too short for you to hate people, and when you hold grudges all it does is make you more mad,” Michael said.

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