Brain Injury Patient Shares Story to Inspire

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Last march, 22 year old Port Byron native Molly Cain found herself waking up in a hospital bed, with little knowledge of what had happened.  She had suffered a traumatic brain injury and after a year of fighting, she’s hoping her story can inspire others.

Tuesday at the Genesis LIFT Program, Molly Cain spoke to a crowd of fellow brain injury patients and nurses about the tragic accident that changed her life. 

After apparently falling down the stairs, Molly suffered a brain injury that caused her to lose many of her natural abilities. Molly was told by numerous doctors that there was no way to know when she would regain those abilities but she told the crowd today that she had too much fight in her to quit.

“It’s not just you, it’s your family, your friends you loved ones and I thought, I can’t get down and give up because I would be letting so many people down,” Molly said.

About 4 months after her injury, Molly graduated from the LIFT program at Genesis and now plans to move back to Colorado to continue her life. 

Molly has a Facebook page that she uses to encourage others to embrace life with passion. Visit it here,

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