Thanksgiving Pie Thief Caught

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A Davenport man is behind bars after police said he burglarized several homes over the past couple months. Making off with some items you would expect and others you might not believe.

John Norton knew right away something wasn’t right when he got home Thanksgiving morning.

"The back door was wide open and then the gate was open and my cats were all outside,” says John.

Nothing seemed out of place at his home until he noticed a jar of change was missing. He immediately called his wife.

"‘She goes what do you mean the coin jar is not there? I didn’t take it' and that's when I started putting two and two together and started noticing really noticing that stuff was missing."

The thief also made off with a laptop and a laptop case.

"I've been here for pretty much 46 years now and I've never heard anybody breaking into houses down in this neighborhood,” says John.

As the day went on, he noticed something else was missing. He opened the refrigerator door and noticed the four pies his wife had made the night before were gone.

"I'm going you're kidding the pies are all missing” says John.

They were supposed to bring those pies to their family’s thanksgiving dinner. David Fogle is charged with second and third degree burglary and second degree theft with the series of robberies.

John bought a padlock for his garage and now locks his doors.

A lesson he learned the hard way, "anytime I heard something outside I mean I jumped out of bed okay what's going on out here.'"

Although the culprit has been caught, John can’t get back the Thanksgiving that was taken, “I don't understand how someone like this could ruin somebody's holiday by taking food for Thanksgiving,” says John.

The only item taken from John that he was able to get back was the laptop case. Fogle’s bond is set at five thousand dollars and could face up to ten years in prison.